Real Dating Advice For Men By Women

Some of the most successful dating advice for men by women is centered around non-verbal communication. And although what you say can be important, your appearance, behavior, listening skills and body language all weigh in even more on a woman’s overall evaluation of you as her date. This article will focus on “the look” that women feel is especially attractive.

The look is a way that you can strongly express sexual interest in your date. Using this look is something that will immediately establish you as “not just a friend”, one trap that many men fall into if they’ve dated a women for a little while.

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You can practice the look in front of a mirror or even a supportive person that you trust. Try tilting your head slightly to the side or back a little bit as if you are examining a precious object. This object will, of course, be the woman that you are dating in real life. Keep the lids of your eyes relaxed. Don’t be wide eyed. You will want to hold your date’s gaze a little longer than what most people would consider “normal eye contact” duration. You should be thinking in a bold, self-confident way of how you will win your date over. As you study your date, your goal is to convey the message that she is interesting and attractive to you. This will automatically make you more attractive to her too.

If your date asks you why you are looking at her like that, or something along those lines, play dumb and tell her you don’t know what she’s talking about. If she insists, then ask her to imitate the look. When she does it, pretend (or maybe you don’t have to pretend) to be bowled over by it and ask her to keep on looking at you that way. Now you’ve started a little game that you can continue to play and you’ve got a little trick to increase the chemistry on both ends.

If you’re able to combine this look with a few other things, you are off to really taking this dating advice for men by women to heart and to your advantage. First of all, it’s extremely important to ask your date a lot of questions about herself and to listen to the answers. Many men, out of nervousness or ego, tend to talk all about themselves on a date. Avoid this at all costs as it is a big turn-off. Also, this may be obvious to some but it’s important to be well dressed and groomed on your date(s). This doesn’t mean that you can not be casual (in fact, some women prefer the casual look), but make sure that you are clean, shaved, combed and wearing clothes that flatter you in both fit and color.

Keeping these pieces of dating advice for men by women in mind is a great way to keep you at the top of your dating game.

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