Ancillary Products and Services in the Australian Cannabis Industry

Overview of the Australian Cannabis Market

The legal cannabis market in Australia is relatively new, but it is rapidly expanding. In 2016, Australia legalized medicinal cannabis, and since then, the market has been growing steadily. As of 2021, there are over 50,000 registered patients using medical cannabis, and the industry is projected to be worth $1.2 billion by 2025. However, Australian law still prohibits recreational use of marijuana, and possession or consumption of it without a medical prescription is illegal.

Ancillary Products and Services in the Australian Cannabis Industry

Even though cannabis is still illegal for recreational use in Australia, there is a growing demand for ancillary products and services in the cannabis industry. Ancillary products and services are those that support the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of cannabis. They include packaging and labeling, cultivation equipment, hydroponics, lighting and energy systems, banking and financial services, and legal and consulting services.

Packaging and Labeling

Packaging and labeling is a critical aspect of the cannabis industry in Australia. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) sets stringent packaging and labeling requirements for all medicinal cannabis products sold in the country. The packaging must be tamper-proof and child-resistant, and it must comply with Australian Poison Standards. Appropriate labeling is also mandatory, and it must include the name and strength of the product, the dosage form, the active ingredient, and the batch number.

Cultivation Equipment and Hydroponics

Ancillary businesses that manufacture and sell cultivation equipment and hydroponics are also in high demand in the Australian cannabis industry. As of 2021, most of the cannabis grown in Australia for medicinal purposes is cultivated indoors under controlled conditions. This requires specialized equipment, such as grow tents, hydroponic systems, LED lights, air filtration systems, and dehumidifiers. These products are sold by specialized businesses that cater to the needs of the cannabis industry.

Banking and Financial Services

Another critical sector of the cannabis industry is banking and financial services. Companies that provide financial services to cannabis-related businesses are essential for the industry to function. Australian banks have been reluctant to provide banking services to cannabis-related businesses due to legal and regulatory concerns. However, there are now several specialized financial institutions that cater to the cannabis industry, and these institutions provide much-needed banking services to cannabis-related businesses.

Legal and Consulting Services

Legal and consulting services are among the fastest-growing sectors of the cannabis industry in Australia. Since the legal and regulatory landscape is constantly changing, cannabis-related businesses require legal and consulting services to navigate the complex regulations and laws. These consulting services include legal advice, business planning, compliance management, and risk management. Explore the subject further by checking out this content-rich external site we’ve organized for you. jeeter juice australia!


The Australian cannabis industry is still in its early stages, and there is plenty of room for growth. Ancillary products and services are essential for the industry to thrive, and businesses that provide these products and services are seeing significant growth. As the industry continues to expand, we can expect to see even more ancillary businesses emerge to meet the demands of this growing industry.

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